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The cover of Starlight by Rod Humphris. A standalone novella in the Simon Ellice Series of literary adventure thrillers.

Standalone Novella


Port Antonio, Jamaica

The air is thick with glamour, seduction and menace in this standalone novella from the Simon Ellice Series.

A close encounter with opportunistic, machete-wielding thieves kickstarts Si’s evening in shimmering Port Antonio, Jamaica. Si is ‘rescued’ by captivating but  troubled actress Lara, who introduces him to the cloudy-eyed, over-sexed and deeply tranquillised Hollywood set.

The heady mix of cocktails, kingmakers and ostentatious wealth would be enough to render anyone starstruck.  But Si isn’t anyone.


He can feel something simmering under the surface, and must choose his next moves wisely. Not everyone is going to make it to daybreak unscathed.

What readers say about Starlight

An illustration from Starlight. A tropical scene with a boat on the water.

“A brilliant continuation of the suave, daring and dashing Simon Ellice. Very reminiscent of early classic James Bond.”

Amazon UK Reviewer
An illustration from Starlight. A man with a moustache working behind a bar.

“As the smell of marijuana drifts across a still bay and a murder plot unfolds, this novella gives readers the chance to dip into the author’s work and sample his unique style.”

Crime Fiction Lover
An illustration from Starlight. An old fashioned convertible car at night.

“Written with humour and featuring a larger-than-life protagonist ... perfect for pure escapism.”

Goodreads Reviewer

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