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The cover of Dead Ground by Rod Humphris, the prequel novella to the Simon Ellice Series of literary adventure thrillers.

Prequel Novella

Dead Ground

Nuristan, Afghanistan

A prequel to the Simon Ellice Series, this novella is an immersive snapshot of Si’s time as a soldier in Afghanistan.

In the mountains and passes of Nuristan, Lieutenant Si Ellice is grief-stricken and consumed with rage. In the battle to win the hearts and minds of the local villagers while searching for Taliban leaders, Si and his loyal team are under little illusion of progress.


Everyone knows trouble is coming. But from where? When Si sees a pattern no one else can, he must decide between obeying orders and doing what needs to be done.

Evocative and authentic, Dead Ground starkly encapsulates the impossibility of the task assigned to British soldiers in Afghanistan. A tale of loyalty, loss and individual responsibility in the chaos of war.

What readers say about Dead Ground

An illustration from Dead Ground. Simon Ellice in full combat gear with an alsatian.

“One of the best war books I have ever read.”

N. N. Light
Illustration from Dead Ground. A young Afghan boy next to a man shooting an automatic rifle.

“The setting, characters and plot were totally believable ... we have the Kipling for our age.”

Army Rumour Service
An illustration from Dead Ground. An automatic rifle balanced against a wall.

“Utterly unputdownable after the first three pages.”

Amazon UK Reviewer

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