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Interview Statements

Statements taken by police, authorities and press, from interviews with people in Si's life and witnesses of crime.

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2. Email to Jane Focaria, journalist for the Daily Argus  

Hi Jane,
I typed up the interview (if you can call it that :)) transcript as you asked. Quite drunk, wasn’t he? I know you said these were only background notes, but it seems like quite a story to me. Good luck finding him.



Editorial Assistant
Daily Argus

Dictaphone transcript. Interview between Jane Focaria and Robbie Anderson. (J and R) 

R: “Well, I suppose it was all in the papers.”

J: “The thing in London. Yes, it certainly was. Don't worry Robbie, you can’t drop him in it. Not by a long way.”

R: “Suppose I can’t.”

J: “You were working at this hotel at the time? The Kasar t… tun?”

R: “Ksar tn Rbbi. We called it the Ribby. Yes. Running it, actually.”

J: “And Si was…?”

R: “Yes, he was. Very much so. Kind of elemental. Know what I mean?”

J: “Why don’t you tell me?”

R: “It was a hard world, that. Much harder than this. Hard men and a lot of money. They used to spend it at the Ribby. But everyone walked around Si.”

J: “A dangerous man, then? Not just a playboy.”

R: “Partly that was the old man, of course.”

J: “You mean Guy Wealden? The drug baron. The so-called ‘King of Nador’?”

R: “He was all of that. What a pair they made. I remember the first time he came to the Ribby. Si, I mean. With a girl, of course. And dressed like he didn’t care, of course. Just pushed the boy on the door out of the way and walked onto the terrace. Not a care in the world. Sheik Kakaza was there with all his usual guards. Didn’t bat an eyelid. Talk about balls. He’s dead now, of course; the sheik. That was Si too.”

J: “He killed people? How many people?”

R: “Went with the job, of course. You climb to the top over bodies. No other way. They had this rifle. You heard about that?”

J: “No. What kind?”

R: “No idea. The big kind. That was the thing; the old man was there, or Si was there, never both. And you were crapping yourself. Didn’t even hear the sound, it was that far away. But it wasn’t just that; they were always one move ahead. Another level of ruthless. Just not worth fucking with them. Either of them. And the girl. I mean, wow! It was like the air crackled, know what I mean?”

J: “Not really. What girl?”

R: “His girl. His daughter. Just turned up one day and it was like they’d always been like that. You know? In their own world, the three of them. Like it was just this game for them and everyone else was a piece on the board. They’d be laughing, having fun and if you were there to see it, it was only because they wanted it that way.”

J: “And if not?”

R: “Go ask the sheik.”

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