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Interview Statements

Statements taken by police, authorities and press, from interviews with people in Si's life and witnesses of crime.

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1. Post-Action Interview Transcript

Interviewing: Lt. Col. Harrison. Intelligence (H)
Interviewed: Lieutenant Gerald Page (P)

H: “Could’ve been a lot worse, then?”

P: “God, yes. If Si hadn’t…”

H: “Lieutenant Ellice?”

P: “Everyone calls him Si.”

H: “Not the men, I presume?”

P: “Oh, no. I mean… it depends.”

H: “An officer who commands respect, you would say?”

P: “Oh yes. Some people just don’t have to try. He’s one of those. You know what I mean?”

H: “Your glass is empty?”

P: “Can’t hurt now, can it.”

[Sound of liquid being poured.]

H: “He volunteered to go out to the OP under cover of darkness. Or so I’m told. Quite a brave thing to do, would you say?”

P: “Volunteered? Of course. Sorry, it’s been a shit show for days. Where was I?”

H: “Just a few more questions and you’ll be free to get some sleep. You were telling me about Lieutenant Ellice.”

P: “Was I? Oh, yes. Yes, you’re right. He’s an absolute bastard. I mean a hero. Knows no fear. Not that I’ve ever seen, anyway. And his men. I don’t suppose anyone will ever look at me like that.”

H: “C section. They all lost their lives in the action.”

P: “Well, yes. Not surprising really, given what went down. Overwhelming force by any standard definition. But they did what had to be done and that’s why I’m here talking to you now. That’s why we’re all here.”

H: “Except Ellice, as it turns out. Do you have any explanation for that?”

P: “No. I mean, yes. We came up together, me and him. Through basic and all the way here. No, he didn’t do anything to preserve his own life, if that’s what you’re asking. Always first, Si. And they never seem to touch him. Don’t know why.”

H: “What don’t seem to touch him?”

P: “Bullets, I suppose. Anything really. It’s not that he’s lucky exactly. I think it’s more like timing. I sort of think about it and then move and… and well, I end up where they’re expecting me to be.”

H: “The bullets?”

P: “Yes… It was the same on the rugby field. He was always in the ruck, I mean, right in the thick of it; no holding back, but it never fell on him. He sort of moves first. No idea how he does it. Kind of slippery, though you wouldn’t think it from the size of him. I expect he ran right at them. Ran at them like a madman and they missed him. That’s what usually happens. And then walked out of it like strolling back from the pub. With the head, of course. That’s typical too.”

H: “Ah, yes. With the head of Omar Wardek. Ace of clubs. Why the head?”

P: “Easier to carry, of course.”

H: “Of course.”

[Pause. Rustling of paper.]

H: “Where was I? Ah, yes. Very prescient of Major Snowhall, wouldn’t you say? Sending such a small force out on such slender intelligence.”

P: “The major… Oh, of course. Yes. Sorry; it was the major, of course. As you say, very clever of him.”

H: “You realise this is all unofficial. I’m just getting the gist. You’re free to speak freely. A drop more?”

P: “No offence, you’re Green Sli… I mean, you’re Intelligence. You lot don’t do off the record.”

[Sound of liquid being poured.]

H: “Green Slime. Quite right. No, we do do off the record. That’s exactly what we do. Major Snowhall has made his report. It won’t be questioned. No one wants any more fuss than we’ve already had. I’m just curious.”

P: “You seem to be curious about Si, that’s all.”

H: “Shouldn’t I be?”

P: “I don’t know.”

H: “Put it this way, I don’t want to know what happened. That’s already in the official report. Let’s say, I want to know what didn’t happen. You can understand that, I’m sure.”

P: “Fuck it. I don’t care. You’re right; if it weren’t for him, we’d all be dead, and that’s the truth.”

H: “Thank you, Lieutenant Page. I thought so. So in conclusion: it wasn’t Lieutenant Ellice who managed to pick up clues from the local population, understand that an attack was imminent, recognise when and how it was going to be launched, disobeyed direct orders and went out to the observation point under cover of darkness and was thus able to provide essential fire support and raise the alarm, saving the base. That’s what didn’t happen, isn’t it?”

P: “You’ve got it, sir. That’s exactly what didn’t happen.”

H: “Thank you, Lieutenant Page. You may go and get some sleep now.”

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