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Interpol Blue Notice

An Interpol Blue Notice on a person suspected of criminal activity, requesting information from the authorities in their country of origin. 

Illustrated icon representing Simon Ellice's Interpol Blue Notice. An illustration of the Interpol insignia.
Interpol Blue Notice

Person sought in relation to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Requesting authority

Metropolitan Police, London, United Kingdom


Family name: Ellice

Forename: Simon

Middle name(s): James

Gender: Male

Date of birth: xxxxxxx

Nationality: UK Citizen

Place of Birth: Hampshire, UK

Physical description

Height: 187 cm

Weight: 91kg

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Colour of hair: brown (light)

Colour of eyes: blue

Distinguishing marks: none known


English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic.

Known associates

Samantha Jane Wealden (see Red Notice)

Emile Puzzo (see Green Notice)

Waldo Dyptich

Faised Real

Narrative summary

Subject served in the armed forces of his native country. Discharged early, TU. 


Has known links to the drugs trade and organised crime in North Africa, UK, Poland and Italy, and possibly elsewhere. Roles within organised crime believed to include technical skills re. transport, logistics, counter-surveilance and enforcement. Current affiliation unknown. From his tendency to appear in disparate locations, believed to favour a contract type arrangement, rather than direct affiliation.


No criminal record.


Sought by Metropolitan police as a possible witness to the murder of a young woman in central London.


Believed violent and dangerous. Do not approach or attempt to apprehend. Report sighting to requesting authority immediately.

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