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Army Discharge Letter

A less-than-glowing appraisal of Si's attitude and conduct in the British Army, written by his Commanding Officer.

Illustrated icon representing Simon Ellice's army discharge letter. A British army helmet and handgun.

4 Rifles

Aldershot Barracks, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11

66907543 Lieutenant Ellice

In accordance with Queen’s Regulations, 6976, paragraph 13, expedited administration due to exigencies of war, Lieutenant Ellice is hereby summarily discharged from his role with 4 Rifles and from the British army.


The reason for the summary discharge is Temperamentally Unsuited (TU).


Ellice has served two tours of duty in Nuristan, on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. He has seen extensive combat and has been mentioned in dispatches three times. He survived the battle of Azun and has made a full report to Army Intelligence.


The author acknowledges that Ellice’s actions on that occasion were instrumental in the avoidance of a more disastrous outcome than occurred.


Ellice has been disciplined for insubordination on three occasions. It is accurate to state that he regards orders as merely advisory.  


He appears to believe that he knows better than his superior officers on almost all occasions. That he has managed to remain in service as long as he has is due mainly to the refusal of those who have served with or under him to testify to his failings.


Even so, were it not for the manifest courage of his actions, and the circumstance that they have tended to result in the confusion of the enemy and the preservation of life, he would undoubtedly have found himself in military prison before this.


It has therefore been determined that he is unsuitable for service in the regular army.


No dishonour should be inferred by this administrative discharge.

Major James Snowhall
On Deployment at:
Forward Operating Base Ghazni
Badakhshan Province, 
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