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The cover of Go Fast by Rod Humphris, book 1 in the Simon Ellice Series of literary adventure thrillers.

Go Fast

Simon Ellice Series Book 1
Paperback £9.75, Ebook £3.99

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Nador, Morocco

Book one in the Simon Ellice Series of literary adventure thrillers is packed with danger, violence and wry humour.

Utterly capable, appetite-driven and unencumbered by morality, in Simon Ellice we have a new British anti-hero as charismatic as he is objectionable.

Battle-scarred from serving in Afghanistan, we find Si in the ancient smuggling port of Nador, Morocco, with his boat, Nottambulo, and the boss’s daughter, wild and unpredictable Sam. Running drugs from North Africa to Spain on moonless nights is a dangerous game, but Si makes his own rules.

When Si instinctively feels the tide turning against him, he knows it’s time to get out. But he will soon find himself tangled in a complex web of corruption, illegal power, and forbidden love far worse than even he could have imagined.

388 pages.

An illustration from Go Fast by Rod Humphris. A beach scene with palm trees.

“Gripping, action-filled, brilliantly staged, surprises, suspense, humour ... one of the best books I have ever read.”

N. N. Light
An illustration from Go Fast by Rod Humphris. A camel.

“Fast-paced action scenes ... yet the descriptions are almost poetic.”

Goodreads Reviewer
An illustration from Go Fast by Rod Humphris. A plant.

“Perhaps it’s his leonine grace, or his calculated nature: something gives Simon the air of a predator.”

Goodreads Reviewer

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A gripping collection of literary adventure thrillers starring new British anti-hero Simon Ellice.

Known simply as Si to his friends and enemies, he is utterly capable, appetite-driven and unencumbered by morality. Si is a magnet for danger, whether in the mountains of Nuristan, the glamorous marinas of Jamaica or the lush tranquillity of rural Hampshire.


Crime, violence and death are never far away, but the Simon Ellice Series combines dark subject matter with wry humour, evocative prose and beautiful illustrations by artist Laura Molnar.

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