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The cover of Getaway by Rod Humphris, book 4 in the Simon Ellice Series of literary adventure thrillers.


Simon Ellice Series Book 4
Paperback £6.99, Ebook £2.99

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Island of Cavallo, France

The brand new instalment in the Simon Ellice Series, released on 17th June 2021.


Suzana Chesterfield, recently rescued from a gang of slave-traders by Simon Ellice, has come sailing with him to try to work out what to do with her life. And perhaps to find out whether the handsome, selfish, bastard should be part of it. 


When Si and Susie drop anchor in the next bay on the tiny island of Cavallo, the Aquaviv family wonder what she sees in the cheerful, careless man. 


What they don't know is that behind his easy charm, lies a clear and subtle mind, and deep wellsprings of darkness; attributes which will soon be called upon... 

118 pages.

An illustration from Getaway. A little girl sleeping in a chair with her dog next to her.

"I started reading it one evening and finished it that same night.
I loved it!"

Goodreads Reviewer
An illustration from Getaway. Simon Ellice and a woman arm in arm looking out to sea.

"Usually I would get a little nervous when the bad guys turn up. But knowing Si ... he could handle himself whilst remaining a gentleman."

Goodreads Reviewer
An illustration from Getaway. A little girl and her dog.

"Another fast-paced adventure for the all-action man just looking for a quiet time."

Goodreads Reviewer

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A gripping collection of literary adventure thrillers starring new British anti-hero Simon Ellice.

Known simply as Si to his friends and enemies, he is utterly capable, appetite-driven and unencumbered by morality. Si is a magnet for danger, whether in the mountains of Nuristan, the glamorous marinas of Jamaica or the lush tranquillity of rural Hampshire.


Crime, violence and death are never far away, but the Simon Ellice Series combines dark subject matter with wry humour, evocative prose and beautiful illustrations by artist Laura Molnar.

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