A Simon Ellice Series illustration. A range of characters from the literary adventure thrillers by author Rod Humphris.

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Discover the Simon Ellice Series.


A gripping collection of literary adventure thrillers starring new British anti-hero Simon Ellice.


Known simply as Si to his friends and enemies, he is utterly capable, appetite-driven and unencumbered by morality. Si is a magnet for danger, whether in the mountains of Nuristan, the glamorous marinas of Jamaica or the lush tranquillity of rural Hampshire.


Crime, violence and death are never far away, but the Simon Ellice Series combines dark subject matter with wry humour, evocative prose and beautiful illustrations by artist Laura Molnar.

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The cover of Go Fast by Rod Humphris, book 1 in the Simon Ellice Series.

Book 1

Nador, Morocco

Battle-scarred from serving in Afghanistan, we find Si in the ancient smuggling port of Nador, Morocco, with his boat, Nottambulo, and the boss’s daughter, wild and unpredictable Sam. Running drugs from North Africa to Spain on moonless nights is a dangerous game, but read more...

The cover of Starlight by Rod Humphris, book 2 in the Simon Ellice Series.

Book 2

Port Antonio, Jamaica

A close encounter with opportunistic, machete-wielding thieves kickstarts Si’s evening in shimmering Port Antonio, Jamaica. Si is ‘rescued’ by captivating but  troubled actress Lara, who introduces him to the cloudy-eyed, over-sexed and deeply tranquillised Hollywood set read more...

The cover of Bloodstock by Rod Humphris, book 3 in the Simon Ellice Series.

Book 3

Hampshire and London, UK

After what feels like a lifetime of mayhem, Simon Ellice returns to the Hampshire village where he grew up. He enjoys the solace and tranquility of rural life, working on a farm and getting to know the lively locals, but suddenly Si walks right into a deadly mystery read more...

The cover of Getaway by Rod Humphris, book 4 in the Simon Ellice Series.

Book 4

Island of Cavallo, France

Suzana Chesterfield, recently rescued from a gang of slave-traders by Simon Ellice, has come sailing with him to try to work out what to do with her life. And perhaps to find out whether the handsome, selfish, bastard should be part of it read more...

The cover of Dead Ground by Rod Humphris, prequel novella to the Simon Ellice Series.

Prequel Novella

Nuristan, Afghanistan

In the mountains and passes of Nuristan, Lieutenant Si Ellice is grief-stricken and consumed with rage. In the battle to win the hearts and minds of the local villagers while searching for Taliban leaders, Si and his loyal team are under little illusion of read more...

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