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The Author

Meet Rod Humphris, creator of the Simon Ellice Series.


Rod has written five books in the Simon Ellice Series, published by Rat's Tales; an independent publishing house devoted to Crime and Thrillers.


Rod is the winner of the N. N. Light Best Fiction Award 2016. He lives in Bath and when he isn’t writing, can be found walking his two enormous dogs in the countryside, or overseeing good cheer at The Raven pub, which he co-owns.

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On writing

I love books. I love stories, particularly stories of adventure. As a boy, I read everything and anything. Writing is the hardest thing I do. I hope, the thing I’m best at. There is no higher thing for me, than to write.

On Simon Ellice

I discovered Si by accident when I was working on something else. His clear, calm voice telling me about a fast boat driving across a black sea, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Since then, I’ve been with him constantly, following him with fear and love into all the most interesting places of the world, into all the most interesting facets of being human.

In Si, we have a character who is, in many ways, completely objectionable – and he simply doesn’t care. He’s unapologetically male, self-assured, utterly capable and unencumbered by morality. He’s not ‘the good guy’. He doesn’t have a selfless inner drive to do the right thing. And he’s not some damaged underdog (flawed certainly, but damaged, no). He’s unpredictable, restless, and driven almost entirely by his appetites and aversions. I hope you can enjoy the books as a guilty pleasure.

I find a lot of books these days to be fairly self-conscious ... you know, one eye in the mirror. I wanted to write stories which offer pure escapism, not just in terms of travelling the globe, encountering dark situations and characters, but escapism from the confines of modern life. In a world slowly capitulating to groupthink, Si offers wilful, cheerful abandonment of conformity.

On The Raven

I started The Raven of Bath public house with some friends in 2004. I love it and I’m proud of it. It’s a lovely thing to be part of. I’m a pretty rubbish barman, but I’m okay at washing up. It has become a part of the city and of many people’s lives, here and from all over the world. A place to meet and talk, and eat and drink. A building full of happiness and life.

A story comes into being, not when I write it, but when you read it. If there’s anything you want to say, or ask, feel free to contact me at: talktorod @ ratstales.co.uk

Author Rod Humphris standing outside his pub, The Raven of Bath.
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The Simon Ellice Series


A gripping collection of literary adventure thrillers starring new British anti-hero Simon Ellice.


Known simply as Si to his friends and enemies, he is utterly capable, appetite-driven and unencumbered by morality. Si is a magnet for danger, whether in the mountains of Nuristan, the glamorous marinas of Jamaica or the lush tranquillity of rural Hampshire.


Crime, violence and death are never far away, but the Simon Ellice Series combines dark subject matter with wry humour, evocative prose and beautiful illustrations by artist Laura Molnar.

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