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Meet Simon Ellice


An ex-soldier and trouble-finder, as charismatic as he is objectionable.

Simon Ellice illustration. Si on his boat Polly, sailing on the ocean.

"Handsome, charming and connected ... definitely a contender for James Bond."

Goodreads Reviewer
Simon Ellice illustration from Starlight - 2 men with machetes

"Fears nothing, dares it all, outwits his adversaries and abides only by his own judgement."

Amazon UK Reviewer
Simon Ellice illustration. A tropical scene on the water with boat.

"Almost psychotic nature ... seems to not give a shit. I'm not sure I like him at all, he’s selfish, rude and just a horrible man."

Goodreads Reviewer

Read the Case File


Make your own determination on Simon Ellice.

One thing's for certain - Simon Ellice is not The Good Guy. He's restless, ruthless, unpredictable and flawed. And yet, despite possessing little inner drive to do the right thing, he often finds himself being rescuer, defender and hero when people need it most.

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Hero, bastard ... or both?

Get an insight into Simon, his background and his globe-spanning misadventures with this confidential Case File. 


Review Simon's psychological evaluation, his army discharge letter, an Interpol Blue Notice, and several interview statements from people lucky enough - or unfortunate enough - to have crossed his path. Then make up your own mind.

Simon Ellice Header Image. Simon is looking at a beautiful woman. It's night time in Jamaica. Simon has just won a fight with a man lying on the ground.

Simon Ellice

Hero. Bastard. Depends who you ask.

Simon Ellice Series illustration. A variety of charcters from Si Ellice books in a collage.

The Simon Ellice Series


A gripping collection of literary adventure thrillers starring new British anti-hero Simon Ellice.


Known simply as Si to his friends and enemies, he is utterly capable, appetite-driven and unencumbered by morality. Si is a magnet for danger, whether in the mountains of Nuristan, the glamorous marinas of Jamaica or the lush tranquillity of rural Hampshire.


Crime, violence and death are never far away, but the Simon Ellice Series combines dark subject matter with wry humour, evocative prose and beautiful illustrations by artist Laura Molnar.

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Simon Ellice Series prequel novella - the cover of Dead Ground
Dead Ground

A prequel to the Simon Ellice Series, this novella is an immersive snapshot of Si’s time as a soldier in Afghanistan.

In the mountains and passes of Nuristan, Lieutenant Si Ellice is grief-stricken and consumed with rage...

Simon Ellice Series novella - the cover of Starlight

The air is thick with glamour, seduction and menace in this standalone novella.

A close encounter with opportunistic, machete-wielding thieves kickstarts Si’s evening in shimmering Port Antonio, Jamaica...

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